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Dog costumes have been popular for centuries.  In days of yore nobility and the upper class decorated their canine companions and there is photographic evidence from 1900 of people dressing their dogs in human costumes.

Bark Avenue Dog Boutique has a nice selection of top quality Dog Costumes in the well known brands of Casual Canine and by Zack and Zoey.

Dog costumes are fun not only for the Halloween season, but year around when any special event comes along and your doggie needs to be dressed up for the occasion.

We have some dog costumes specially clearance price marked, so look for those as well.


Dinosaur Dogzilla Dog Costume XS Size

Highly detailed and high-quality this Dinosaur Dogzilla Dog Costume is by Casual Canine.   Available in XS Size…

Halloween Devil Wings Dog Harness Small Size

This is an adorable idea for the puppy who won't wear the traditional pet costume at Halloween.

Happy Halloween Dog Sweatshirt

This Happy Halloween Dog Sweatshirt by Casual Canine features a doggy & crossbones logo! Bright orange color screams…

Lobster Dog Costume

This Lobster Dog Costume by Casual Canine is the Lobster Paws original design. The Lobster Dog…

Pink Fairy Dog Costume

The Pink Fairy Dog Costume by Zack and Zoey features a…

Pumpkin Pooch Dog Costume

This Orange Pumpkin Pooch Dog Costume is is soft plush jack-o-lantern design with coordinating…

Pumpkin Theme Dog Costume

Radiant with Halloween sparkle, our adorable Zack and Zoey Pumpkin Theme Dog Costume is ready for trick or treating.…

Skull Themed Dog Costume

This Casual Canine Skull Themed Dog Costume Set is the perfect Halloween choice for dogs with an edgy…

Spellhound Witch Dog Costume

Pets will be spellbound by the Spellhound Witch Dog Costume by Casual Canine.   …

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