Say thank you to the Scottish, but there is something about red and green tartan that seems indelibly linked with December and the Christmas Season.

Christmas Tartan Dog Clothes go so well along that line.

Check out our Tartan Dog Dresses, Vests, Harnesses and ever Bow Ties to help get you and your dog in the spirit.


Tartan Dog Dress

This Tartan Dog Dress by East Side Collection features a beautiful black velvet bow at the waistline that…

Tartan Dog Vest

This Tartan Dog Vest by East Side Collection is a true doggie fashion statement. This handsome Tartan…

Yuletide Tartan Dog Bowtie

This Canine Royale Yuletide Tartan Dog Bowtie by Aria will add a sophisticated look to any canine wardrobe. …

Yuletide Tartan Dog Dress

Glam up the season with our East Side Collection Yuletide Tartan Dog Dress. Each elegant Yuletide Tartan…

Yuletide Tartan Dog Harness in XS Size

Each stylish Yuletide Tartan Dog Harness features a tartan print with a silver accent throughout.  The Yuletide…

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