This Bright Red Faux Fur Valentines Day Dog Coat in XXS Size is an adorable look for your title girl puppy.

She will look fabulous wearing this coat to celebrate a unique Valentines Day or any other day.
This Bright Red Faux Fur Valentines Day Dog Coat is a one of a kind Bark Avenue original which means that you will never see another coat Ike it.
Made of an unusual lighter weight bright red ribbed faux fur.
On the back of the coat features an open heart of tiny shiny silver beads.
For a finishing touch the coat has a silver flower that hangs from a silver ring at the front of the neck.
The coat is fully lined with a classy leopard and rose satin fabric.
The coat slips over the puppy’s head and velcros under the tummy.
The Bark Avenue Dog Boutique label is stitched inside of the coat.

Sizing for the Bright Red Faux Fur Valentines Day Dog Coat

The measurements of the coat are 8” around the neck, 8” from the back of the neck to the edge of the coat and 16” around the tummy.
Size - Teacup
Please note that how this actually will fit your dog depends on your dog's size. Fitting may vary from how it looks on the model mannequin.

Machine wash and dry flat.
NOTE:  placing in the dryer will cause the faux fur to clump and matte.

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