The Best Housekeeping Advice for Dog Owners


Coming home to soulful eyes and a wagging tail can make your day, but anyone who has lived with a dog knows there is a certain amount of upkeep involved when a pooch is part of the family. Our delightful canine companions give us all of themselves, including some not-so-tidy byproducts. With a handful of simple strategies, you can enjoy your dog as much as he enjoys you and stay abreast of any dog-related messes.  

Freedom from Fur

All dogs shed to some extent, and keeping up with hair can be a conundrum. However, you can minimize the hair in your home without much fuss. First, start by brushing your dog regularly to keep his coat healthy and free of loose hair. In nice weather, consider taking your dog outside so you aren’t adding flyaway hairs to your home’s interior. 

In your arsenal against shedding, there are a couple more tools to consider. Many of us love to lounge on the sofa, snuggle in bed, and go for road trips with our canine companions, and as a result, we can find his hair nearly everywhere. A handheld vacuum can be a godsend, helping you quickly suck away tumbleweeds wherever they roam, and the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 33A1 is particularly effective for removing pet hair from furniture. You also may want to keep a lint roller handy, and beyond the typical versions, there are pocket-sized and washable ones. 

Choose Furniture Fabrics Carefully

If your pet spends time on the furniture with you, choosing appropriate upholstery can make a world of difference. Fabrics that are easily cleaned and don’t grab hair or stains easily can help lighten your cleaning burden. Look for leather and leather-like selections, denim, canvas, and outdoor-friendly fabrics. A tight weave is the key, and you might also prefer hues similar to your dog’s coat color. To boost dog-friendliness, consider investing in a couch cover you can throw in the wash, as well as washable accent pillows. If you and your dog share the bed, a mattress protector is also a wise investment to help avoid damage from liquids and dander. 

Select Pet-Friendly Flooring

Just like furniture fabrics, well-chosen flooring can mean lowering the amount of time and energy dedicated to cleaning. The best options are scratch-resistant, provide traction for your pooch, are unlikely to be damaged, and don’t readily hold stains and odors. Hardwood floors, tile, vinyl, and linoleum are particularly good choices. Carpet and rugs can be especially difficult to clean, hanging onto dander, stains, odors, and hair. 

Because Accidents Happen

Whether you’re housebreaking a new furry family member or Fido is under the weather, even the best-behaved pooch can succumb to an accident now and then. Dealing with stains and odors is best accomplished as soon as you discover the mistake, and it’s best to apply a product designed specifically for treating biological matter, whether urine, feces, or vomit.  Usually, these products include enzymes that address stains and odors deep down. For the best results, remove what you can by picking up and blotting the accident, then treat according to the manufacturer’s directions. The older the stain, the longer you should allow the cleaning product to work, and sometimes multiple treatments are required.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Keeping down odor can be challenging, especially with certain kinds of dogs. Wide Open Pets notes there are breeds with coats that simply generate more odor than others, and then there are those that enjoy a good roll in what-have-you while adventuring in the backyard. Keep some dog shampoo and conditioner handy, and consider adding an air purifier to minimize smells. 

Dogs add so much joy to our lives, so it would be a shame to let their “other contributions” interfere with our ability to enjoy them. However, with a few simple strategies, things like odors, accidents, and hair can be kept under control. Have fun with your pooch and keep a sparkling clean, beautiful home at the same time!

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