Penn State Dog Clothes Fun For Fido And The Pack

Is your dog decked out out in Penn State Dog Clothes for the big game?

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Dog Life Jacket With Chin Float

The Dog Life Jacket With Chin Float by Sierra Dog Supply can truly be a life saver.

When spending time at a beach, river, or lake shore, keep a life jacket on water-phobic dogs, dogs who don’t swim well, and dogs who swim to the point of exhaustion.

Dog Life Jacket With Chin Float

For the best protection, make sure that any PFD you buy has flotation material under the dog’s chin, and fastens around and across his chest. The flotation pad under the chin to help keep the dog’s head above water should it become incapacitated.

These Life Jackets Come in Smaller Dog Sizes and Larger Dog Sizes

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Insect Repellent Dog Clothing

Insect Repellent Dog Clothing To Protect Your Pet

Our comfortable Insect Repellent Dog Clothing uses Insect Shield. This EPA registered technology is long-lasting, effective, and convenient. Insect Shield uses permethrin, a man-made version of a natural repellent found in certain types of chrysanthemum flowers.

We have Insect Repellent Dog Shirts and Insect Repellent Dog Bandannas available in our shop. Insect Repellent Dog Shirt

What insects will these garments protect from?

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