Life Vest For Bulldogs

Bulldog Pup In Life Vest

One of our better sellers when customers are looking for a Life Vest For Bulldogs is made by Sierra Dog Supply. This style is suited to all dog’s body styles but in particular suits very well the husky body build of English Bulldogs and similar body style breeds.

This dog life vest is meant to sit on upper back, not the entire length of the back to the tail.

Our selection of the Life Vest For Bulldogs comes in two color styles.

We have the Pink Heart Dog Life Vest style that is a favorite for girl dogs.

Pink Dog Life Vest

The material is pink with a nice heart pattern throughout.

For boy dogs we have the Blue Dog Life Vest by Sierra Dog Supply.  This vest is a pretty shade of sky blue that will look so ever sharp on your little boy doggie.

Blue Dog Life Vest

The Life Vest For Bulldogs by Sierra Dog Supply is a true flotation vest that doesn’t fit like a coat.

The dog swim vests are made with just enough flotation to aid in swimming, but all the durability for the most active pet. The best part? They are so stylish!

The Life Vest For Bulldogs has an adjustable girth and adjustable chest/neck area with low profile handle with D rings.

The vests have bright contrasting reflective trim throughout and variable thickness buoyancy cells.

The vest is heavy duty construction. This is a a very durable product.

Currently the Life Vest For Bulldogs in both colors are available in XXS, XS, Small and Medium sizes. Unfortunately, Large size is unavailable.

If you think the Life Vest For Bulldogs is something you’d be interested in for your dog, please act quickly as this item has been discontinued by our supplier and once sold out will no longer be available.

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