How You Can Safeguard Your Dog’s Health and Security

Safeguard Your Pets

We love our dog friends. They are precious creatures who bring joy to our lives. That makes seeing them suffer even more painful. Fortunately, there’s much that can be done to shelter our dogs from common dangers. Here’s what you need to know.

Flu Exposure

Dog flu, or H3N2, is a highly contagious virus that can spread like wildfire. It may seem scary, but there are ways to protect your pup. If your dog is less than a year old or more than seven, they are in a vulnerable group and will benefit from vaccination. You should still research symptoms so that you can act if you notice warning signs. These include continuous coughing, fatigue, and a reduced appetite. When there is an outbreak, minimize outings to avoid coming into contact with carriers. Even if another dog does not show symptoms, they may still have the virus. Remember, this is a treatable condition and is rarely fatal if you go to a veterinarian.

Other Illnesses

Like humans, dogs are susceptible to getting sick. This can range from serious illnesses to age-related problems such as arthritis. Some conditions can be prevented by keeping your pup’s weight in check. You should also examine your pooch’s ears and mouth for indicators of disease. However, your furry friend’s best defense is a regular trip to the vet. Annual visits can be crucial to early detection and ensure any issues are managed effectively. While you are outside, take precautions when visiting places frequented by other dogs. Lastly, ensure your pup obeys commands, as this can help minimize physical contact with other canines.


As a dog owner, you know it’s impractical to give your pooch 24/7 attention. Yet, some pups can be veritable escape artists. Thankfully, breakouts are preventable. For instance, if you have a yard, verify that it is fully enclosed. To discourage digging, place large rocks along your fencing, or put mesh wiring beneath the ground. You will also want to keep their focus away from temptations outside of safe boundaries. Do so by stimulating their curiosity through toys, or tiring them out with long walks. If your dog persists with escape attempts, a pet tracker or an electric fence (which will run you around $1,175) can help you rest easy.


Dogs delight in their curiosity. They will investigate anything, but their inquisitiveness can expose them to choking hazards. Common items used for playing fetch, such as sticks or balls, can be chewed on until ingestible pieces break away. Even favorite toys pose a risk when there is no supervision. While dogs may always find a way to destroy something, avoid objects that fit easily in their mouths. Furthermore, free your home from clutter. This will help remove any hazards and keep your home clean in the process. You can also guard against choking through monitoring and training. A well-trained dog will listen to commands to drop something they have found. This can often prevent an accident from occurring in the first place.


Our homes and yards may contain things that are poisonous to our furry friends. They can seem innocuous, such as chocolate or onions, but some of these hazards might also be overlooked, like houseplants. It’s good to get familiar with common poisons so that you can lock them away or avoid them when outdoors. Pet-proofing your home is key. This may involve more adjustments beyond securing cabinets and avoiding harmful treats. For instance, you may have to gate areas that are safer being off-limits, but you could also make trash cans less accessible. Make it a habit to organize your home with your pooch’s safety in mind.

Caring for our fur babies takes patience and some adjustment around the home. Yet, a healthy and safe pup makes any effort worthwhile. Give your dog the security they deserve.

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