Dog Eye Protection Is A Good Idea

Dog Eye Protection

Not long ago we were contacted by a woman about dog eye protection. Her family was going on a trip overseas and the pup was going along. They were traveling to an area known for sandstorms and an arid atmosphere. Therefore, her vet recommended some sort of dog eye protection. She purchased a nice pair of Doggles Goggles. These are great protective eyewear for dogs

Check Out Some Nice Doggles Goggles Styles and Colors

While wearing dog eyewear may seem a little strange to some. But it actually are a very good choice. Especially when there is a concern for your dogs and eye health. Dog Eye Protection can help protect your dog’s eyes from foreign objects, wind, and UV light.

PedMD has a great article on eye health and protection for dogs.

What Kind Of Dogs Could Use Dog Eye Protection?

Does your dog like to poke his head out an open window when riding in the car? Did you ever thing about a bug or even a flying stone hitting him in the eye? That would be a good idea for putting dog eyewear on.

Dog With Head Out Car Window

Hunting and other outdoor dogs are also candidates for a good pair of goggles. Brush and sticks are a concern as the dog works his way through woodlands in search of game or a lost person.

Police and military dogs too can benefit from wearing these protective devices in the various situations these professional dogs have to handle.

Tracking dogs as well, like the hunting dogs, can get into thick thorny areas that a bit of extra eye protection could help.

Blind and visually impaired dogs can benefit from wearing blind dog eye protection where bumping into furniture or other objects.

Some dog eye diseases call for extra eye protection. Left untreated, they can eventually lead to blindness. UV-light can increase the severity of the disease. Dog goggles can help because the lens in the goggles offer 100% UV protection.

But Will My Dog Wear Goggles?

Most dogs will readily accept Doggles after a short adjustment period. Training your dog to wear the goggles can be accomplished in a small amount of time. Check out these easy steps in our Doggles Goggles post.

In conclusion, Dog Eye Protection is something you may wish to consider for your pet.

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