Dog Eye Protection Is A Good Idea

Not long ago we were contacted by a woman about dog eye protection. Her family was going on a trip overseas and the pup was going along. They were traveling to an area known for sandstorms and an arid atmosphere. Therefore, her vet recommended some sort of dog eye protection. She purchased a nice pair of Doggles Goggles. These are great protective eyewear for dogs

Check Out Some Nice Doggles Goggles Styles and Colors

While wearing dog eyewear may seem a little strange to some. But it actually are a very good choice. Especially when there is a concern for your dogs and eye health. Dog Eye Protection can help protect your dog’s eyes from foreign objects, wind, and UV light. Continue reading “Dog Eye Protection Is A Good Idea”

Natural ways to protect your dog from mosquito bites

There is a saying that we are responsible about those who we accustom. Dogs have been a man’s best friend for centuries and if we choose to add a pet to our family, we are responsible for them, which includes their well-being and health. And, since our pets are as much of a mosquito target as we are, yet they can’t protect themselves from these annoying insects, it is our duty to try to protect our pets from getting attacked and bitten by mosquitoes. An effective way to do that is to use different mosquito repelling sprays and products, however, these products also contain chemicals. And, since using chemicals on our pets is the last thing we should do, natural mosquito deterring methods are the way to go. So here are a few ways how you can fight mosquitoes naturally. Continue reading “Natural ways to protect your dog from mosquito bites”