Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Tips for traveling with your dog

A vacation is usually a welcome break from the daily grind. However, for those who have to leave a beloved pet at home, a getaway can be sad and stressful. In fact, 40% of pet parents confessed that when they’re gone for a week-long vacation, it’s harder to leave their furry family member behind than their significant other. So, it’s probably not surprising that the number of people who vacation with their pets has grown significantly over the last decade.

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Fitness, Fido, and Finding the Right Vacation for You Both

Where is he welcome?

Unless your pet is a certified service animal, they may not be welcome in all locations. Hotel, bed-and-breakfast, condo and cabin rental policies vary, so it’s always best to check ahead of time. Chain hotels are typically non-negotiable on their pet policy, but independently-owned rentals may make exceptions.

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Dog Eye Protection Is A Good Idea

Not long ago we were contacted by a woman about dog eye protection. Her family was going on a trip overseas and the pup was going along. They were traveling to an area known for sandstorms and an arid atmosphere. Therefore, her vet recommended some sort of dog eye protection. She purchased a nice pair of Doggles Goggles. These are great protective eyewear for dogs

Check Out Some Nice Doggles Goggles Styles and Colors

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