Dogs and Babies

How to ensure safe and happy coexistence

The arrival of a new family member is an exciting and joyful event for families. However, with a dog in the household, these positive feelings may also be mixed with feelings of anxiousness and concern. Will my dog be jealous of the baby? Will he be aggressive with the baby? Will he bite the baby? Or give him or her diseases? While such questions are understandable, there is no need to fret. Various plans may be implemented to ensure that both your furry child and your not-so-furry child are able to exist harmoniously.

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How You Can Safeguard Your Dog’s Health and Security

We love our dog friends. They are precious creatures who bring joy to our lives. That makes seeing them suffer even more painful. Fortunately, there’s much that can be done to shelter our dogs from common dangers. Here’s what you need to know.

Flu Exposure

Dog flu, or H3N2, is a highly contagious virus that can spread like wildfire. It may seem scary, but there are ways to protect your pup. If your dog is less than a year old or more than seven, they are in a vulnerable group and will benefit from vaccination. You should still research symptoms so that you can act if you notice warning signs. These include continuous coughing, fatigue, and a reduced appetite. When there is an outbreak, minimize outings to avoid coming into contact with carriers. Even if another dog does not show symptoms, they may still have the virus. Remember, this is a treatable condition and is rarely fatal if you go to a veterinarian.

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