Tips for Buying Your Dog Bandana

Dog Bandanas have become a nice and trendy fashion for bussin’ pups. But, how do you know that you’re actually getting a quality dog kerchief? Well, there are several ways to insure that your money is going to buy your pup a fashion piece that will last many years!

Like many simple, cowboy bandanas, cheap dog bandana makers will use a single layer of cotton material with a pattern and simply hem the edges. While this works for an end result, it makes the final dog bandana flimsy and it’s essentially guaranteed to go by the wayside with any small amount of chewing. Buying a high quality doggy bandana, means you get one with two layers of fabric, sewn together.

Going hand-in-hand with the above, when you buy a custom dog bandana that is made with two layers of fabric, you automatically get a dog bandana that’s reversible! And if you plan to spend your hard-earned money on doggy clothing, then make sure it counts! The great thing about dog neckerchiefs by Beans Bandana Co. is they are all made with high quality fabric and double layered so they are all reversible.

It’s The Little Things
When you see cheaply made items, you get what you get. When you buy boutique quality items of any kind you’ll find specialty add-on’s you won’t find on the knockoffs. At Beans Bandana Co. you’ll notice the details – we have our stamped leather, authentic icon sewn into every custom dog bandana we make. Each one comes individually packaged in its own plastic bag with our Coco Bean emblem on the front! This way you know you’re not getting just any neckerchief for your pup. You’re getting a Beans Bandana Co dog neckerchief!

Quality that Lasts
If you want a dog bandana that only lasts a short amount of time you can find those anywhere. And you’ll probably find them cheaper. However, Beans Bandana Co dog bandanas are boutique quality but at lower prices than you’ll find in your local boutique store! We promise you will be more than satisfied with the style, quality and price of our custom dog bandanas!

We invite you to check out our shop at and see what styles we have in stock right now. Give us a try! And if you have any questions, just hit the “Contact Us” button and we’ll answer very quickly! Thanks!

Christmas Fun: 5 Awesome Holiday Activities to Enjoy with Your Dog

The weather has turned crisp and there’s a certain feeling in the air, which can only mean one thing: the holiday season is here. The Christmas countdown has already begun, and everyone is preparing to get together with their families and friends to enjoy some quality time and special traditions. If you have a canine counterpart, your furry friend is going to love all the extra love and attention he gets from you and your friends and relatives during the holiday season. Continue reading “Christmas Fun: 5 Awesome Holiday Activities to Enjoy with Your Dog”

Alabama Crimson Tide Dog Clothes For Your Doggo Buddy

What’s so Cool About Alabama Crimson Tide Dog Clothes? Read On!

Alabama Crimson Tide Dog Clothes are just what you and your dog need for the big game. Everyone loves getting into the team spirit and that includes your dog. Why not outfit Fido with some Alabama Crimson Tide Dog Clothes and make the tailgating party a blast.

You can find this great Alabama Crimson Tide Dog Apparel Here

Alabama Crimson Tide Dog Clothes

Alabama Crimson Tide Dog Jerseys In Team Colors

However on warmer game days you can consider a team colors style Dog Jersey. The Alabama Crimson Tide Crimson Tide Dog Jersey features screen print numbers and lettering on a 100 percent nylon mesh body jersey. The collar and cuffs are rib knit. Sizes petite thru 5X are available. Continue reading “Alabama Crimson Tide Dog Clothes For Your Doggo Buddy”