10 Best Lessons We Learn From Our Dogs And Cats

Pets and People

There is something about dogs and cats and how they live their lives that make you reflect on your own. They have graced our lives with their loving presence and shared with us heartwarming memories.

When times are tough, they provide a kind of reassurance that you will get through the rough patch no matter what and that their cute little selves will be with you all throughout. Pets have that effect on humans.

They bring warmth and joy to anyone they meet and any home they are in. They generally just make our lives better in so many ways. That is why some of the best moments we have are those spent with our pets.

Here are the 10 best lessons that we learn from our dogs and cats.

  1. Loyalty

If there is one thing we learn from the famous story of Hachiko is that dogs are loyal. Sometimes, they are even more loyal than human beings.

They are pack animals after all. They defend and remain committed to their pack without asking for anything in return.

This is something that we humans can emulate. It reminds us to be a conscientious member of our family and human pack. To look out for one another and treat others as we would want to be treated.

  • Appreciation

Cats show you how much they appreciate their humans in so many ways: a squinty smile, loud purr, and rubbing their body on your feet. Dogs would jump up and down at the sight or sound of their master.

Animals show you how much they appreciate your presence in so many ways. Just like them, we human beings should also learn to appreciate people around us and those that matter the most.

  • Have Fun

Dogs love to play, that is for sure! Whether it is running around, jumping up and down, playing fetch or tug-of-war, they do seem to have a lot of fun.

They do those things because they make them happy. Even adult cats have a bit of fun every now and then.

It teaches us that no matter how old we get, we should never forget to enjoy ourselves and that a bit of leisure time could not hurt. In fact, it could help you develop and become more productive.

  • Love unconditionally

If there is one kind of love apart from that of a mother’s that transcends all, that is the love that pets have for their owners. That is especially true for cats and dogs which makes them the most favorite animal to keep as pets.

Although a cat’s stare may seem judgemental, it does not evaluate your worth according to your beauty or intelligence before jumping up your lap. Dogs get excited to see visitors no matter what they are wearing or what color their skin have.

Animals just understand the universal language of kindness. We human beings should also try our best to look past the prejudices and see people according to the value of their heart rather than the worth of their wallet.

  • Forgive

The usual reaction of humans to getting hurt is to develop a feeling of resentment towards the aggressor. That grudge could go on for years and could even surpass generations.

Animals, however, seem to put up with a lot and still continue to display affection and love after being punished. After an altercation amongst themselves, you will see animals play with each other after the cooling off period.

As human’s inclination is towards resentment, theirs is towards forgiveness. That is something we should emulate as it can make life easier and a lot better.

  • Overcome Fears

The first time you brought your pup into your home must be terrifying for it. Your kitty must be totally scared when it got separated from its mom.

After a few days though, you see signs of your pet slowly fitting in the new environment and before you know it, your pet has fully adjusted. Just like them, we human beings are constantly placed in uncharted territories.

What we should learn from our pets is to overcome our fears and gladly open ourselves to changes.

  • Contentment

Pets are content with even just the basic of things: food, shelter, water, and love. They are happiest when spending time with their humans.

Sometimes, it is difficult for us human beings to be contented. With the latest gadget releasing one after the other or with everybody around you seeming to have their lives in order, it is difficult not to compare.

Pets teach us to discern the important things in our lives and be grateful for everything we have.

  • Responsibility

Any paw parent would attest to the fact that having a pet is a huge responsibility and taking care of one is a lot of work. Some would even go the lengths of saying that it is similar to having a baby.

You have to be accountable for one living being and that is a huge responsibility. By having a pet,  you learn how to take care of another being and prioritize another apart from yourself.

  • Defend ourselves and loved ones

When we or our loved ones are mistreated we should not take it lying down. Pets, when shown aggression or abuse, learn how to defend themselves and fight back.

Similarly, when they see their masters being threatened by anyone or anything, they go into defender mode and fight back. Although we should also know when to take the higher road and choose our battles, we should learn from our pets to defend ourselves and those we love.

  1.  Learn to listen

When you are burdened by something, do you find yourself pouring your heart out to your pet? They sure are great listeners and sometimes, all we need is just someone to listen.

Good listening skills are necessary in any kind of relationship and if we just know how to listen a bit more, the world would become a better place.

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