How to Prepare Your Pup for a Safe, Fun and Happy Howloween

The holiday season has commenced, and we kick it off with All Hallows Eve, otherwise known as Halloween. It’s a time for treats, costumes, and a good time for all, including your four-legged furry friends. After all, our dogs are part of the family, and they deserve a little fun. Here are some tips for how to include your pup in on the celebrations.

Wooftacular Halloween Costumes

Dressing your fur baby up for Halloween doesn’t have to break the bank or take too much effort. The market is flooded with adorable pre-made costumes that you can match to your dog’s personality, your favorite characters, something humorous, or simply something that you find too great to pass up. If you’re looking to save some money or personalize your dog’s holiday experience, make your own costume with materials from home or readily available at a low cost.

Pawesomely Safe Costumes

Your dog’s costume should be both cute and safe. Some dogs do not mind costumes, while others cannot stand the weight. Make sure your pet is comfortable and unrestricted. Be sure to check the costume to ensure no parts can be a choking hazard if inhaled, could prevent the flow of breathing, or limit their movement. Have fun and be creative, but be practical as well.

Nighttime Safety

If you want to take your pet trick-or-treating with you or to some other Halloween celebration, make sure your pup’s costume is fit for the job. If you will be walking around at night, make your pet is visible by adding some reflective tape or clipping on blinking lights to your dog’s costume so they can be seen by drivers. This is the perfect time to re-evaluate whether you have the right gear for your pet. You’ll want to have a proper sturdy leash, measuring four to eight inches in length, and depending on your dog, a collar or harness. With the right gear, you can rest easy knowing you have adequate control over your pup as they enjoy a safe stroll.

You Are What You Eat

Like a child, dogs are notorious for getting into things. They are known to chew on or eat whatever is in front of them. Halloween presents additional risks for your pets, particularly when it comes to them ingesting something that can harm them or even prove to be lethal. Keep the candies out of your dog’s reach by placing them up high and far back. Keep glow sticks, pumpkins, corn, candles, and batteries away from your dog. If they are going to be around harmful objects, make sure to keep a close eye on them at all times.

Can We See Some Identification?

While Halloween is fun and exciting, there is a lot of activity, doors opening and closing consistently, a lot of people around, and noise. The hustle and bustle of the festivities presents some opportunities for your dog to run off. If your dog will be wearing a costume, make sure their ID is current and located visibly. Prior to the big day, check your pet’s chips to ensure they are up to date. If you plan to take your dog trick-or-treating, take them on a walk on the route you plan to take so that they are familiar with their surroundings and become less spooked.

The whole family deserves to enjoy a fun and safe Halloween. Including your pet in on the fun is a wonderful idea, but you should take precautions. After you find the right costume, make sure it is safe. Take some extra measures to ensure you have all you need for a safe walk with your dog and to prevent them from getting into something harmful. Also, make sure they have the proper identification. With the right preparation, you’ll enjoy a safe, fun and happy Howloween!

Photo Credit: Pexels

Budget-Friendly Tips for Dog Owners Who Expect to Keep a Clean House

It’s a measure of the great happiness that dogs can bring into their owners’ homes that even the most finicky housekeepers are willing to deal with the upkeep. Owning a dog is no trivial matter if the state of your home is of great importance because a dog can add considerably to your cleaning to-do list. They shed, they soil the carpet, they drool, their hair carries allergens, and they spread dander. What’s more, dog odor can dominate a household. It’s no wonder dog owners are so passionate about their pets — they’d have to be to keep up with the mess. Below are some budget-conscious ways you can keep your house as clean as humanly possible. Continue reading “Budget-Friendly Tips for Dog Owners Who Expect to Keep a Clean House”

How to Avoid Potential Doggie Disasters – A Checklist

When your dog is left unattended, he or she may tend to get into a bit of mischief. While you’re away for the day, it might not be uncommon to come home to a chewed couch, slobbery shoes, or miscellaneous doggie accidents. What are you to do? The most common doggie disasters stem from boredom; if your dog is bored, he or she is more likely to chew, bark, dig, knock things over, and beg for attention. The following checklist offers valuable tips and tricks for reducing doggie boredom.


Getting adequate exercise is considered the most effective way to reduce a dog’s boredom. While you may think that one walk a day is more than enough, your dog acting out is a reliable indicator that this isn’t the case. While the “right” amount of exercise varies greatly between breeds, sizes, energy levels, and age, your dog should get some sort of exercise several times a day.

As an owner, the best way to tell if your dog is getting enough exercise is to pay attention to how they act in response to varying levels of activity. If your dog is rambunctious and frustrated after one hour of activity, you know that they likely require higher intensity or more time-consuming workouts. The right amount of vigorous activity acts as an energy outlet and reduces the likelihood that your dog will seek out negative activities to burn energy.


Dog-to-dog socializing has tremendous benefits, including enhanced play time and higher cardiovascular activity. Additionally, evidence suggests that dog-to-dog contact helps pups learn how to respect boundaries and be polite. As an owner, you want your dog to respect you as their leader and protector — being around other dogs helps instill this instinct and can result in enhanced obedience.


Dogs are incredibly intelligent animals who require mental workouts as much as physical ones. Playing is a great way to both mentally and physically stimulate your dog. Because negative behavior is tied to boredom, stimulating your pup’s brain through play reduces their desire to negatively act out. Playing is also a great way to spend quality time with your dog and can serve an important role in reducing your dog’s need to beg for attention. Consider investing in some puzzle toys, dog chews, balls, and frisbees if you want to stimulate your pup’s mind and body.

What If You’re Too Busy?

If you are finding it hard to balance dog ownership with other daily tasks, consider the following:


If your pup is acting out while you’re at work, this is a good indicator that they need some love during the day. Having a dog-walker drop by once or twice a day can reduce stress while ensuring that your dog has a positive energy outlet during the day. Talk to a neighbor, post an ad, or seek out a professional dog walking service — your puppy will thank you.


If you travel for work or have an incredibly busy schedule, consider investing in a pet-sitter. Pet-sitters are individuals who come to your home and stay with your dog more a few hours, days, or even weeks. Depending on where you live, doggie daycares are also a viable option for longer-term stays. If your pup needs a lot of company and activity, making use of a pet-sitter as needed will give you peace of mind and keep your dog active if and when your schedule makes it difficult to do so.

If you want to say goodbye to the ripped carpet, spilled water, and relentless barking, start thinking about how boredom may be affecting your dog. Frequent physical activity, dog-to-dog socializing, and fun play sessions will reduce your dog’s drive to act out for attention. Whether these activities are instigated by you, a dog-walker, or a pet-sitter, you will be able to make frequent doggie disasters a thing of the past.