How to Make Your Senior Pet’s Needs a Priority

They’ve provided you with so much joy, and now it’s time to give your older dog or cat the love and attention they deserve during their golden years. It won’t be easy. Much like humans, our animal friends suffer chronic health conditions such as weight gain, arthritis, diabetes, and even dementia, which makes it hard for them to enjoy the wonderful life you’ve provided.

However, there are still plenty of good days left when the puppy or kitten they once were shines through as they play with a toy bone or ball of yarn. Bear that in mind as you take the following measures to ensure their continued health and happiness.

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How You Can Safeguard Your Dog’s Health and Security

We love our dog friends. They are precious creatures who bring joy to our lives. That makes seeing them suffer even more painful. Fortunately, there’s much that can be done to shelter our dogs from common dangers. Here’s what you need to know.

Flu Exposure

Dog flu, or H3N2, is a highly contagious virus that can spread like wildfire. It may seem scary, but there are ways to protect your pup. If your dog is less than a year old or more than seven, they are in a vulnerable group and will benefit from vaccination. You should still research symptoms so that you can act if you notice warning signs. These include continuous coughing, fatigue, and a reduced appetite. When there is an outbreak, minimize outings to avoid coming into contact with carriers. Even if another dog does not show symptoms, they may still have the virus. Remember, this is a treatable condition and is rarely fatal if you go to a veterinarian.

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How to Prepare Your Pup for a Safe, Fun and Happy Howloween

The holiday season has commenced, and we kick it off with All Hallows Eve, otherwise known as Halloween. It’s a time for treats, costumes, and a good time for all, including your four-legged furry friends. After all, our dogs are part of the family, and they deserve a little fun. Here are some tips for how to include your pup in on the celebrations. Continue reading “How to Prepare Your Pup for a Safe, Fun and Happy Howloween”